Bingley Grammar School

Send My Friend Parliamentary Action Day

Miss S Shah writes:

On the 13 and 14th October, Our two Send My Friend Champions Isabelle and Megan, along with Miss Howard and Mrs Bairstow attended the Parliamentary Action Day organised by Send My Friend to School. On Monday 13th November, the champions took part in a preparation session for the action day. Then on 14th November they spent the day in the Houses of Parliament and engaged in meetings with MPs and Ministers, as well as  having a tour of Parliament.  Megan and Isabelle were one of a few Champions  selected to visit Number 10 Downing Street to hand in a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak about the current Education in Emergencies campaign. 

The Action Day was a huge part of the Education in Emergencies campaign that has seen thousands of schools and young people across the UK creating and presenting puzzle pieces to their local MPs, calling on the UK government to protect the learning of all children during emergencies. It was a  really exciting event that gave the champions the opportunity to put all of their leadership skills to practice, and make genuine change.  

Isabelle W writes:

On the Action day we went on a tour of Parliament when we first got there and learned the history of the building. We then had a meeting with Melinda Bohannon, Director GeneralHumanitarian and Development Directorate. We  talked to her about the campaign and asked questions about how to tackle this problem in the best possible way. 

After this, we were sent to a different part of Parliament where we met Politicians to explain the campaign to them. Philip Davies asked a parliamentary question and managed to  get a closer look at the overseas aid budget to see where changes can be made to help more people across the world. We enjoyed this experience and feel very lucky that we had the opportunity to do what we can to help children around the world  to have access to a good education as well as helping us to understand the world and the country we live in. 

Miss M Howard writes:

On 14th November, I was privileged  to accompany two of our Year 11 Send My Friend to School Campaign Champions to Parliament. 

Our students got to attend a Parliamentary tour, after which they discussed the Send My Friend to School to MPs. The MPs took the time out of their busy schedules and guided them on how to change government policy. 

In addition, our two Y11 pupils were chosen to present a letter to 10 Downing Street - a rare opportunity which we all enjoyed immensely. 

The day was superbly organised by the Campaign Charity  and our students were excellent ambassadors of Bingley Grammar School. 



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