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Religious Studies

Useful Resources and Revision Support

  • A wide range of KS4 Revision resources can be found on our Google Classrooms.

  • We also suggest BBC Bitesize along with Ben Wardle's resources, these can be found on YouTube.


Our students will learn about religions in depth, exploring the relationship between belief and practice and the effect that religion and atheism has on people’s lives.

In KS3 we study the beliefs and practices of the six major world religions and atheism. In year 7 we focus on the Abrahamic religions and in Year 8 we move on to explore Dharmic faiths and non-religious views. Year 9 is an exciting year of applying our knowledge of religious and non-religious teachings to an exploration of philosophical questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life. In Year 10 we begin our optional GCSE, studying AQA Religious Studies A. We offer a fascinating A Level at KS5 which focuses on the Philosophy and Ethics of Religion alongside a critical study of religious belief and practice. 

Alongside our learning about religious beliefs and practices we aim to develop students' personal knowledge, an awareness of their own values and the views they hold in relation to religious and non-religious views. There is also a consideration of the type of conversations we have in Religious Studies and students learn about the ways we can know about religions and the tools scholars can use to find out. 


We have several clubs, including Amnesty International, Send My Friend and the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award. We also work with other humanities teachers to offer a debate and public speaking group.

We welcome a range of visiting speakers, including speakers on crime and punishment.

This year we are looking forward to taking some of our students to York Minster as part of enrichment week and to a celebration of different world religions and culture in school. 


Students are assessed in school assessment weeks. They also have end of topic assessments where appropriate. These assess students' knowledge and skills of explanation and argumentation as they progress through school. Students' knowledge and understanding is also consistently checked in lessons using questioning, whiteboards, quizzes and engaging activities. 


Curriculum Overview


Year 7

  • Laying the Foundations - What is My Lense, what are the Ways of Knowing?
  • Judaism: Beliefs and Practice
  • Christianity: Beliefs and Practice
  • Islam: Beliefs and Practice

Year 8

  • Differences between Dharmic and Abrahamic faiths
  • Hinduism: Beliefs and Practices
  • Buddhism Beliefs and Practices
  • Sikhi: Beliefs and Practices
  • Non-Religious views including Humanism and Atheism

 Year 9

  • How do we know what is right and wrong?
  • What is Justice?
  • How can we know what is true?
  • Does God exist?
  • Is there life after death?
  • How can we build a better world?

 Year 10

 GCSE AQA Religious Studies A 1:

  • Christianity:  Beliefs and Teachings 
  • Christianity:  Practice
  • Islam : Beliefs and Teachings 
  • Islam: Practice 

Paper 2:

  • Religion
  • Crime and Punishment 

Year 11

  • Religion, Peace and Conflict
  • Religion and Life
  • Relationships and Families

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