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Here you will find information that will help you if you are struggling to log onto any of our Home Education platforms.

How to log into student email:

Student email is central to our home education offer. Students use school email to:

  1. Access learning resources set by staff
  2. Access Google Classroom
  3. Access the Google Drive and therefore our shared drive of resources (this cannot be accessed using personal email addresses)

Students will receive access to important information and many different activities via their school email account.

If you are having difficulties accessing your student email account then please email for help. They will be able to reset your password and guide you through any difficulties you might be having. 

How to find Google Classroom:

Some teachers are using Google Classroom. This is an online classroom where work can be posted and there can be conversations between the class members using the Stream. This enables more interactivity between members of the class.

This can be found in the Google apps and can also be downloaded onto mobile devices.

If your child is a member of a Google classroom they will have been sent a joining code through their BGS email account when their teacher has added them to the group.

How to access our Google Shared Drive:

Our Google shared drive can only be accessed using a BGS student email account.

We have shared access to the folder with all of our students via email to their school email address.

To access the shared drive, log into your school email account then click the square made up of 9 dots in the top right hand corner. Then click the Drive symbol. 

You should now have a list on the left hand side of your screen. Click on ‘Shared with me’ and you will now see any Google Drive folders that have been shared with you.

If you are in year 7 you might see that ‘David Foster’ has shared a Year 7 folder with you. This folder contains lots of resources that teachers will be setting for you to do whilst we are in Lockdown.

How to access Sora eBooks:

Sora is the recommended app and desktop experience to access our school’s digital collection.

To get started:

1.Download the Sora app or explore in your web-browser:

  1. Enter this setup code ’uksecondary’
  2. Sign in with Bingley Grammar School and your school email address (which is a google email address)

If you have any problems then email



Microsoft Office free to students

As Bingley Grammar School members you can have free access to Microsoft Office software.

Sign in to the website link below using your school email address as the username, and the password normally used for signing-in to the school computers (not your email password).



Sparx Maths

Our Maths department uses Sparx Maths to enhance and consolidate our student's learning.

Click the link below to read the letter from our Maths department with full information on the learning platform:

Sparx Maths letter to parent/carers >>

Sparx 'how to' information sheet for parent/carers >>

Sparx information video >>



Science – Educake

Student Support and Wellbeing: Worried about something?

Report it.