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We are proud to say we have been part of the PiXL group for several years now and over that time have implemented many changes which have benefitted our students. PiXL is a partnership of over 1500 schools working together to achieve the highest outcomes for students and to improve their life chances.

As part of our continued drive to acknowledge and broaden our students’ attributes and skills sets, Year 7 and 8 have been working on the PiXL edge scheme through a series of tasks and activities (including target-setting and self-reflection) and earning their ‘LORIC’ certificates and badges. Due to it's success in the lower year groups Years 9, 10 and 11 are also taking part in the scheme this year.

PiXL Edge (or LORIC as we call it) enables students to systematically enhance their skills. LORIC focuses on *5 key attributes:

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Communication

*adapted from the National Career Service's list of top ten soft skills.

These attributes have been especially chosen for their formative qualities in character development as well as their desirability by employers. They are also essential life skills which are not necessarily taught as part of the curriculum.

How it works

Students sign up to a goal with their form tutor. Once the goal has been met (either in or out of school) a certificate is awarded – these can be gained for all of the five LORIC attributes. Once a student has gained three certificates in one of the categories they will receive a badge to wear on their blazer in the appropriate colour. It is our aim that each student gains as many certificates and badges throughout the year as they can. Those who gain a badge in each of the five categories will be awarded with a special LORIC tie to signify their achievement.

Examples of the things our students have been working on:

Coast to coast cycle rides, delivering presentations to parents, becoming a member of the school council, earning a black belt in martial arts, leading a dive, becoming sports team captains, improving the environment around the school, raising money for charity, becoming more organised and devising a homework timetable, the list is endless. 

In addition to this our achievement points tie in with the LORIC scheme and students build a picture of their strengths and areas they need to work on.

Our students have really taken to the scheme and we are finding out so much about their interests and extra-curricular pursuits whilst encouraging them to push themselves to achieve and experience new things.



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