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Max 7

Max 7 is an addition to our Year 7 curriculum introduced in autumn 2017 in response to suggestions from both parents and students.
It aims to allow for a more effective transition and catch-up (in both literacy and numeracy) for those students who need more help with the process. This ensures there is a pastoral and learning continuity for identified students arriving from main stream primary settings at secondary transfer.
The Max 7 unit provides a bespoke learning environment with a dedicated teaching team where students can concentrate on an accelerated learning programme to allow them to reach their full potential.

All students are taught from the KS3 schemes of work that are set out by all the faculties at Bingley Grammar.

Within the unit, teachers have the flexibility to spend slightly more time on certain subjects, where necessary, to fast track students within the curriculum. Time is used more effectively as students spend less time moving around school between single lessons.
We are delighted to announce a new expansion programme is underway; to be launched in September 2023 which will now incorporate Max 8 into our unit to continue the high quality support introduced in Year 7.
In addition, two more primary teachers have joined this innovative team.
We look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 cohort very soon!

If you require more information on our Max 7 provision please contact Mrs Braime on the main school number: 01274 807700 or email

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