Bingley Grammar School


Applying for a School Bus Pass

Students are required to apply for a ‘Priority Pass’ to use the school bus service to ensure that the WYCA plan correct routes for our students.

Click the link below to renew or apply for a new bus pass:

The link includes all information on how to apply for a renewal for existing passengers and a new application for a September start.

All the school buses listed below require passengers to have a pass which they need to show on every journey to and from school. The school buses which service Bingley Grammar School are:

B46 - view timetable Denholme Brown Cow - Bingley Grammar School
S30 - view timetable Chellow Grange - Bingley Grammar School
S31 - view timetable Wilsden, Ling Bob - Bingley Grammar School
S32 - view timetable Wilsden, Windy Grove - Bingley Grammar School
S33 and S35 - view timetable Haworth Road - Bingley Grammar School [Duplicate Services]
S34 - view timetable Eldwick - Bingley Grammar School

Please note the following message from Metro:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS/CARERS – If you are using this information to choose your child’s school, please be aware that these services are subject to change and may be withdrawn if there is a suitable public transport alternative. This may involve a journey of up to one hour and 15 minutes and a change of bus on route.

Under 19s Photocard

If your child uses public service buses or the train to travel, they will need an Under 19s photocard. Click the links to find out more:

Student Support and Wellbeing: Worried about something?

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