Bingley Grammar School

Road Safety and Parking

As you know our school is situated on an extremely busy A road and we work hard to ensure the safety of all our students and the wider community.

We remind our students to be safe when arriving and leaving school and direct them to use the appropriate crossings at all times. We would like to ask all parents to remind students of the safe way to cross such a busy road and to support us in securing the safety of all our community members.

Please take a look at this useful resource for students and parents/carers:

The parking outside school is extremely limited and we are asking for your help to keep our school and the wider community safe.

Further to our recent updates from Mr Atkinson please find below a more detailed overview regarding expectations for parking outside the school site at drop off and collection times:

  • Do not park on double yellow lines opposite the school - please arrange an alternative place to park further away from school which is legal and safe.

  • Do not park on pavements blocking access for pedestrians.

  • Do not park on our neighbouring streets which are 'Access Only'. These include Longwood Avenue, Laurel Grove and Harold Street.

  • Do not park on the Castlefields Industrial Estate - large industrial vehicles and lorries require constant access to and from the estate which makes it dangerous for our students and affects the local businesses if they cannot get through.

  • Do not park at the top of the Five Rise Nursing home's driveway - constant access is needed for Ambulances, staff and visitors.

  • Do not park in the bus turnaround - this is required for our school buses.

  • When parked legally and safely, please turn your engine off whilst waiting. Engine idling is a big cause of air pollution around schools which affects the health of our local community and pedestrians as well as the drivers and passengers of the cars.

We would also like to ask parent/carers to consider the use of the excellent public transport links where possible to alleviate the large numbers of cars parking to collect our students.

If you do need to park near to school, please consider the safety of your own children, other students and pedestrians at school drop off and collection times.



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