Bingley Grammar School

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The school runs the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme starting at Bronze level for students in Year 9.

By doing the DofE, students are signing up for amazing adventure and masses of fun as they take part in a range of activities, all leading to the achievement of an Award that's recognised by universities and employers alike.  

The year will be hard work but very rewarding and great fun.

The aim of the DofE Award scheme is to have a positive impact on young people’s lives, in terms of their personal development and employability, and on wider society, from charities gaining active and engaged volunteers to businesses hiring work-ready recruits.

Students are required to commit to 1 hour per week of the following:

If you have any questions about the DofE Award, please contact Mr Morse by email on

The 3 Sections:


physical list


volunteering list


skills list

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