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How do I apply for a place at Bingley Grammar School?

Parents/Carers have to complete Bradford's common application form or apply online by the end of October. 

Download the information booklet here

There is no separate admission form for Bingley Grammar School.

How can I find out whether I live in the Priority area?

Priority Map

Am I more likely to get a place at my first preference school?

For all schools, each of your preferences is treated as a separate application. If your child qualifies for more than one school you have listed, they will be offered a place at the highest ranked preference.

Am I certain of being awarded a place if I live within the Priority area?

You cannot be 100% certain of being awarded a place even if you live within the Priority area. If more than the approved admission number apply from within the area, the criteria as outlined in Bradford's guide for parents is applied. However, in recent years, all applications from within the Priority area received before the deadline have been given places.

Is it worth applying if I live outside the Priority area?

Whilst priority is given to those resident within the priority area, the school can never be certain what proportion of its places will be required by families in this position. If you want your child to come to the School, you must apply and will be able to appeal if your initial application is not successful. Each Appeal is dealt with, on its own merits, by an independent Appeals Committee.

How is proximity to the school measured?

By a straight line, from the main entrance of the home (the ordnance survey reference point) to the main entrance of the school.

When do I hear if my application has been successful?

You will be informed at the beginning of March by Bradford as to whether a place has been awarded.

Must I confirm that I accept the place?

Yes, within the time limit specified, or your child's place may be awarded to someone else.

What happens if I don't get the school I want?

The letter sent from Education Bradford will tell you who to contact to put your child's name on your preferred school's waiting list.

In addition you can make a formal appeal to an independent appeals panel. Contact Bingley Grammar School direct for an appeal form.

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