Bingley Grammar School

Our Vision & Values

Our ethos has been developed to highlight the fundamental core values that we hold in school and will be used in all aspects of school life to drive us forward in our journey at Bingley Grammar School.


  • We will be respectful to all of our school community and celebrate diversity in its many forms. 

  • We will take care of the school environment and celebrate its history whilst also looking towards a sustainable future. 

  • We will be proud of the wider area in which the school is located and represent the school positively. 


  • We will prompt to lessons and be prepared to learn. 

  • We will work towards good mental and physical health and support each other 

  • We will push ourselves to overcome challenges. 


  • To achieve your full potential 

  • To gain academic results that allow you to choose your next steps 

  • To become a responsible young adult 

Mission Statement

  • At Bingley Grammar School we belong to a school community where we feel safe, connected, understood, and supported.  Bingley Grammar School inspires students and staff to grow and achieve their full potential by providing guidance, support and opportunities. We will succeed because we have the drive and determination to be the best we can be in all aspects of our lives.

Working together to be the best that we can be

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