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What We Are Looking For

We don't have a fixed picture of what kind of a person we are looking for. Teaching is a creative, dynamic profession which has space for innovative thinking, for people who can break free from what's expected. Our school is clear that we want trainees to have a rapport with children, a passion for their subject, and to have the ambition to become excellent teachers. You will have a relentlessly positive outlook, show initiative and be good team player, ready to work hard in a challenging but wonderfully rewarding profession.

You can see our entry requirements elsewhere. These are the minimum we expect. While we are looking for bright, able trainees, just as important is your emotional intelligence, your maturity and your empathy for the aims of the schools you'll be training in. For secondary phase trainees, we are looking for specialist degree level subject knowledge, so that you'll be able to teach the full age 11-16 range. We'd be interested in hearing about other qualifications you might have in areas like sport, music or drama.

Our school looks for trainees who can offer something extra. We are interested in recruiting people from diverse backgrounds. We have no set view of what we'd like to see. Perhaps you might be sporty, artistic or speak a second language? Perhaps you might have worked in industry, commerce or the public sector? We'll be interested in hearing about your non-academic side: how your experiences and what you know might make you better equipped to be an engaging teacher.

For this course, you should typically have at least two weeks work experience from which you can draw on skills and knowledge that would be readily transferable to a school context.






Contact: Steven Riley (Initial Teacher Training Coordinator)

Tel: 01274 807700 





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