Bingley Grammar School

Philip Davies MP Visit

On the morning of Wednesday 29th November, MP Philip Davies was invited to Bingley Grammar school, to deliver a presentation to selected students, from our student leadership community (Y8-11) and politics classes, to discuss a range of topics, including:

  • Democracy
  • Duties of an elected MP
  • How MP's serve their constituencies and prioritise projects
  • What is the role of an MP in the UK?
  • What does a 'typical day' look like for an MP?
  • How might this differ for an elected MP, as opposed to a candidate from a party not currently in power?
Mr Davies then spoke to students from the Send My Friend School Club who discussed with him the current campaign that they have been working on, which is Education in Emergencies. Students presented Mr Davies with letters and campaign material. He has responded to the letters and is passing on their concerns and requests to the relevant government ministers in Parliament. We would like to thank Mr Davies for his time and visiting Bingley Grammar. 


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