Bingley Grammar School

London School of Economics

Finn and Joseph in Y12 were given a fantastic opportunity to visit the London School of Economics to hear a talk by the Prime Minister of Barbados. Please see Finn's write up below. I would like to say a huge thank you to John McLaverty from Oxfam for giving Finn and Joseph this wonderful opportunity. 


Visiting the London School of Economics to see the Prime Minister of Barbados was a really inspirational moment for both me and Joseph. Mia Mottley is at the forefront of fighting for climate justice on the world stage, and her emotional words reflected the gravity of the situation for many around the world who face rising sea levels. Mottley also spoke passionately about the legacy of the slave trade on Barbados, and together with the Poet Laureate of Barbados, Esther Philips, gave a passionate cry for equitable social justice. It was well worth the 6 hour round trip! 


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