Bingley Grammar School

A Trip Down Memory Lane

At the end of last year Ian, a former student who enrolled at BGS just over 50 Years ago, contacted the school regarding the possibility of a tour for himself and other former students from that time. Well, we really couldn’t say no to being part of such a special gathering of old school friends, as well as having the opportunity to hear first-hand what life was like at BGS in the 1970s. After the tour, Ian kindly agreed to write a short piece to publish on our website. Thank you Ian, for your trip down memory lane. 

My name is Ian Harrison and I thought it would be a good idea to have a wander round my old school. Supervised of course!

I asked a few people on Facebook if they would be interested. Some couldn’t make it, so it ended up being myself, Michael R, Michael A and Richard D.

We had all commenced our secondary education at Bingley Grammar in September 1972 (stop sniggering at the back). Strict uniform then as is now. The kids we saw were all immaculate. Back then we pretty much all adhered apart from George S, who wore the biggest pair of flares I’ve ever seen. Or maybe they were Oxford bags?

And Richard A, who actually wore short trousers on his first day. He still has flashbacks!

The lovelies Debbie and Lesley, got us signed in and Lesley acted as tour guide. It was incredible to see how the school has grown over the years. Apparently, you have 1900 pupils now compared to 6/700 back in our day! Great to see a lot of the old buildings and classrooms, some pretty unrecognisable. A lot of new ones too, obviously with more to come.

Walking along the old B/G corridor a young fella behind me said “Sir, Sir. Are you Austin?”  Me “No, is that some sort of in joke?”

Young lad “Sorry sir, I thought you were a teacher.”

Me “Thank you for being so polite.”

Young lad’s mate,“We should always respect our elders”. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t being sarcastic, either way they were lovely. Michael A also had an encounter when one of the kids asked him, “Sir, are you Ofsted?” Perfect one liner.

Michael R loved his metalwork at school. When we were allowed to look in the modern-day metalwork room he pointed and shouted “It’s the same lathe! It’s the same lathe!” Not the last time he would utter those words.

Richard even managed to find the original radiator where he and Carole first started their relationship. Over 45 years later and they’re still together. Married, with two grown up kids.

Lesley was brilliant at recounting history and filling us in on all aspects of pupil and staff life. We had a fabulous time and would do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe we could take some lessons next time!


Cheers everyone. Love Mick A, Mick R, Rich and Harry.


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