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Mr Atkinson's Friday Update

Good afternoon, 

I hope all of you are well. Over the past two weeks I have seen many positives in school with the rewards evenings being the highlight of this, it was wonderful to hear from our amazing students as well as special guests. I look forward to the next evenings in July when we can celebrate the amazing year we are going to have. 

Miss McGee and Yr 7

Today we said goodbye to Miss McGee, Assistant Head of Year for Yr 7. She is leaving us to become a trainee Education Mental Health Practitioner....positively she will be returning to BGS in this role with the NHS Mental Health Support Team who provide weekly support to our students. This is a natural progression for Miss McGee who has been an amazing support for our students since she joined us as a Learning Support Assistant. While we find the correct replacement for Miss McGee, Mrs Rawling our Senior Student Support Officer will be supporting Mrs Roberts (Head of Year) and will be able to be contacted as part of the generic email address,

We would like to thank Miss McGee for all the work that she done for the students and the school. 

Behaviour on the buses and trains 

Unfortunately, we have a minority of students who are having a negative impact on the good reputation of BGS. We ask that parents speak with their children regarding their conduct to and from school, in particular those catching the 662 bus towards Shipley and Saltaire. I have also addressed these students this week and I hope to see an improvement in their conduct as I know they can do it as seen last week with the following email from someone on the bus: 

I would like to praise your students for their excellent behaviour on the bus on Friday last week.

I caught the 662 bus outside Beckfoot/Hazelbeck schools on Friday after visiting Hazelbeck. As a retired teacher I am used to the odd complaint from the public regarding students’ poor behaviour on the buses at the end of a school day. I want to let you know how well behaved and polite your students were, I was really impressed. 

I hope you can pass on my praise to your students and all I can say to you and your school is, ‘Well done and keep it up’.

Also positively, the train conductor on the 07.38 from Shipley to Crossflatts took the trouble to ring school and let us know how impressed she was by the behaviour and politeness of our students, therefore reflecting the positive attitudes of the majority of students here at BGS. 

Behaviour Hubs 

Our DFE Behaviour Hubs work will come to close in December 2022, as part of this we would like as many students as possible to take part in the closing survey. Please can I ask you to complete the link below to give permission for your son/daughter to complete this. The deadline is Sunday 16th October. Click here to read information regarding this

Click here to give consent:

With regards to surveys we also do our own surveys every two weeks with this being led by Mr Parapia (AAHT), this week we are focusing on responsible social media usage. 

Internet Safety 

A Year 7 parent has made us aware of a 'chain mail' being sent around students, upon checking the text of this I can see this has come from external sources. To help support your children I implore you to check their devices and if you need support with how to do this please visit:

This website is recommended in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 statutory guidance. 

First Aid Provision in school

Our Site Manager Mr Parkinson has asked that I draw your attention to First Aid provision in school. Currently we have: 

- some students injuring themselves at home and parents then telling their children to see the 'nurse' in school the next day

- some parents telling their child to see the 'school nurse' that day if they have a headache 

Unfortunately we do not have a school nurse in school (we have first aiders) and therefore these aspects need to be addressed with a doctor, not the school's First Aid Department. Secondly, in school we have students coming to first aid for ailments such as a papercut or a cold, there is nothing we can do for them and we will send them back to their lesson, break or lunch. I highlight these examples so you are aware that our First Aid provision is for emergencies only which the above are not. We do have many students with complex medical needs and we want to be able to support these students effectively.  

Bingley Foodbank 

Bingley Foodbank have also contacted me this week.  They operate every Tuesday and Friday from 10.30 - 12 at Bingley Little Theatre. They advertise themselves as an 'emergency gap filler' and provide on average 24 items per person accessing the support with this ranging from tinned food to long life milk. If this is something you feel you need to access please email and she will arrange for three vouchers to be given to you. The three vouchers can be used over a 3 month period.   


It has been great to see the amount of students accessing the enrichment opportunities this week, including the Yr 8 footballers led by Mr Wilson (PE Teacher) beating Beckfoot 6 -3, well done to  Alfie/Oscar/Sam/Aidan/Oliver/Joel Hutchinson/Ben/Eddie/Ethan/Olly/Tyler/Theo/Zach/Zen on this impressive victory. To quote Mr Wilson 'The standard of football in the second half was very high quality and the team ethic and commitment was exceptional.'

If you want to see what else is on offer please visit: 

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the school musical production rehearsals with 42 students currently signed up to take part.

Finally, in terms of enrichment Isabelle and Mabel (who spoke at our recent awards evening) will be writing to you about how getting enrichment at Bingley Grammar School has benefited them, therefore hopefully inspiring you and your children to also do the same. 

Matthew Atkinson - Deputy Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

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