Bingley Grammar School

Clubs and Societies

We are currently working on putting our clubs timetable together. Lots more will be added soon.

Homework Club every Tuesday 3-4pm in N9 with Miss Jezzard

Here are the Sports Clubs we will be offering for the first half term. We will be adding in a Year 7 Netball Club later in the term after some netball lessons have taken place (school matches don't begin until the new year so we will have plenty of time to practice!)

Sports Clubs and Teams - Half Term 1
Sports Hall Gym Fitness Suite Sports Field Sports Field
Monday Years 11-13 Netball with Mrs Brankin (3-4pm) Year 10
Yoga with Ms Lewis

Fitness Club (All Years) with Mr Abbas  (3-3.45pm)

Cross Country - meet at the sports Hall Changing Rooms (3-3.45pm)

Year 9 Football with Mr Bridge Jr (3-4pm) Years 7 & 8 Rugby with Mr Swann (3-4pm)
Tuesday Years 9-10 Netball with Mrs Bleasby (3-4pm) Years 7 & 8 Football with Mr Wilson (3-4pm) Years 9-11 Rugby with Mr Swann (3-4pm)
Wednesday No clubs due to CPD Wednesday / possibly some fixtures.​
Thursday Year 8 Netball with Mrs Swann (beginning 29th Sept)

Fitness Club (All Years) with Mrs Brankin (3-3.45pm)

Cross Country - meet at the sports Hall Changing Rooms (3-3.45pm) Years 10 & 11 Football with Mr Abbas (3-4pm)
Friday Years 7 & 8 Basketball (mixed) with Mr Wilson (3-4pm) Girls Football (All Years) with Mr Swann (3-4pm)