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I’m not sure which subjects to study – should I apply now, or can I wait until I have my exam results?

It is best to apply before the priority deadline, even if you are not sure of the courses you wish to take.  A big part of the interview process is discussing which courses will be best for you, so we can give you more information to help you make this decision.


How many subjects do I have to take?

Students take a minimum of 3 subjects, though some students will take 4 or even 5, depending upon the specific courses.  We will discuss this with you at your interview.


I want to study a subject which I didn’t study at GCSE but the entry requirements say I need a grade 5 in the subject at GCSE – can I still take this subject?

If you did not take a subject at GCSE we will look at your overall GCSE grade profile and if you have gained grade 5 or above in similar subjects, we will take this into consideration.  For example, if you have not studied History at GCSE, but have gained grade 5 or above in your GCSE essay-based subjects we will consider this a good indicator that you will be able to succeed on the A level History course.


I don’t know if I will get the entry requirements – what should I do?

It might be a good idea to speak to your Head of Year 11 or Careers Adviser in the first instance as they will be able to advise you.


What do I do if I change my mind about which subjects to study?

If you would like to change your subject choices after your interview please email us:


How many students are there in the Sixth Form?

There are currently 356 students in the Sixth Form


What help is available to make sure you’ve chosen the right course?

We discuss course choices at interview, and again at enrolment which takes place following exam results in August.


Is there any help when you apply to University through UCAS?

Yes!  We pride ourselves in supporting students through the whole process of making a university application.  This support begins early in Year 12 and includes help with researching options, writing an excellent Personal Statement, and making a first-class application.


If I need to attend an interview for a university place, will I be able to have a mock interview at school?

Yes!  We have a lot of experience with providing interview practice and encourage students to let us know as soon as they receive an interview date so that we can book them an individual session with the most appropriate staff.

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