Bingley Grammar School


Unifrog is a fantastic destinations platform which helps our students make informed decisions on their next step after sixth form.

Our students have constant access to unifrog in sixth form which allows them to compare side-by-side every post-16 and post-18 opportunity in the UK. Students can rank on lots of factors, like starting salary, distance from home, drop out rate, and weekly study hours.

There is masses of information but the system allows students to easily whittle down their options based on their own personal requirements.

The personalized dashboard tells students their next task, as well as the tasks they’ve already done and everything they’ve still got left to do. They can even see how they’re doing compared to their peers. This is a great feature which helps keep everyone on track with no last minute panics!

Click here to find out more about Unifrog and how it can help you make decisions on your next step >>

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