Bingley Grammar School

The Student Variety

student newspaper picAt the beginning of this academic year (2021-22) two of our Year 11 students approached Miss Powell about starting their own student newspaper!

Year 11 students Poppy Eaglesham and Finn Risdon have worked really hard getting their idea off the ground with the help of Miss Powell. They invited other students to join them in contributing to the paper, whilst also writing articles themselves, editing and producing the paper.

Well done to everyone who has contributed so far: Poppy Eaglesham (Yr 11), Finn Risdon (Yr 11), Jemima Whithead (Yr 12), Alicia Grillo (Yr 12), Maryam Hussain (Yr 11), Frankie Birch (Yr 7), Imaan Ameer (Yr 7), Eva Child-Clewes (Yr 9), Isla Baranowski (Yr 9), Saniya Hussain (Yr 10), Zak Bramley (Yr 10) Paula Marshall (Yr 10), Cody Birch (Yr 10), Josephine Anderson (Yr 8), Frankie Birch (Yr 7), Paige Chamberlain (Yr 9), Hamzah Hussain (Yr 11) and Rosie Thomas (Yr 8).

The group's efforts have been outstanding and we, especially Miss Powell, are extremely proud of them and their achievements.

We hope you enjoy reading 'the Student Variety' and we look forward to future editions!

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