Bingley Grammar School

Arek Hersh, Holocaust survivor

Holocaust survivor Arek Hersh and his wife Jean came to speak to our Yr 9 RE students at the beginning of this week. The students heard Arek's harrowing story and were shocked at what he went through as an 11 year old boy during WWII.

Arek spoke in great detail about his time in Auschwitz and the death trains and how his entire family (81 members) was wiped out by the Nazis. Arek was liberated by the British Army in 1945 and was brought to live in the Lake District with 300 other Jewish children.

Our students listened respectfully and asked questions at the end including whether or not, after his terrible experiences, Arek still believed in God.

Arek's wife Jean spoke to our students about tolerance of others no matter their religion and highlighted that prejudice and discrimination is wrong on every level.

A group of students and staff joined Arek and Jean for a kosher lunch after the assembly where we thanked them for sharing Arek's story.

Miss Shah, Humanities teacher, will be travelling to Auschwitz with Arek and Jean in a few weeks to take part in an educational event. We would like to thank Arek and Jean for visiting our school and carrying on their important work keeping the memories of the Holocaust alive.

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