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Bingley Grammar School is delighted to be part of the National Centre for Computing Education network of Computing Hubs. The courses available from the NCCE are a great opportunity to learn and develop new skills and techniques that can be implemented into your classroom practice.

As your local Computing Hub at Bingley Grammar School, we support the work of the National Centre for Computing Education, providing high quality computing subject-specific, professional development. There are currently a range of courses aimed at teachers of KS1 to KS5, with bursary funding available for a variety of courses on offer.

For information about financial support (including free training and bursaries) please go to:
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The aim is to increase the number of pupils in schools and colleges who study computer science at GCSE, AS and A level, particularly girls and in disadvantaged areas, and ensure that there is a strong pipeline of digital skills.

We are delighted to introduce you to the CPD we have planned this year, including courses for your whole department – from NQTs to department leaders.

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Click the booking links below to view current courses on offer:

Date Course Booking Link
08/03/22 MicroBits and Primary Computing Click here
09/03/22 Search and Sort Algorithms Click here
16/03/22 Python programming: working with data Click here
21/03/22 Technology in the Early Years Click here
22/03/22 Getting started in year 1 (3.30-5pm) Click here
23/03/22 Girls in Computing (1600-1730) Click here
24/03/22 Getting started in year 2 (3.30-5pm) Click here
24/03/22 Enriching Secondary Curriulum with Stem Ambassadors in your region Click here
28/03/22 Getting started in year 3 (3.30-5pm) Click here
29/03/22 Computer Systems: Input, output & storage Click here
29/03/22 Physical computing kit - KS2 Crumble (4-5:30pm) Click here
30/03/22 An Introduction to algorithms, programming and data in computer science Click here
31/03/22 Getting started in year 4 (3.30-5pm) Click here
01/04/22 Assessment of Primary Computing Click here
04/04/22 Getting started in Year 5 (3.30-5pm) Click here
05/04/22 Getting started in year 6 (3.30-5pm) Click here
06/04/22 Python programming constructs: sequencing, selection & iteration Click here
05/05/22 Teaching Y4 Audio editing unit on Chromebooks using Bandlab EDU (3.45-4.45pm) Click here
12/05/22 Encouraging Girls into GCSE Computer Science Click here
17/05/22 Preparing for Ofsted (3.45-5.15pm) Click here
25/05/22 Intro to Algorithms... DT (Day 1 of 2) Click here
08/06/22 Remote Micro: Bit session - remote - 3.45-5.15pm Click here
09/06/22 Assessment of Primary Computing Click here
14/06/22 Evidencing NCCE work via Google classroom Click here
15/06/22 Introduction to Computer Systems, Networking & Security Click here
16/06/22 Fundamental of Computer Networks Click here
17/06/22 Python Programing Constructs: sequencing, selection & reiteration Click here
19/05/22 Leading Primary Computing (19 and 26 May) Click here
22/06/22 Introducing Algorithms, Programming and data Click here
23/06/22 The Internet & Cyber Security Click here
24/06/22 Python Programming - Working with data Click here
28/06/22 Programming in Years 1/2 (1-2.30pm remote) Click here
29/06/22 Python Programing Constructs: sequencing, selection & reiteration Click here
30/06/22 Introduction to Computer Systems, Networking & Security Click here
30/06/22 Chromebooks and the NCCE Curriculum (3.45-5.15pm) Click here
01/07/22 Computer Processors & Instruction Sets Click here
04/07/22 Programming in Years 3/4 (1-2.30pm remote) Click here
07/07/22 Programming in Years 5/6 (1.15-3.15pm remote) Click here
08/07/22 Maths in Computer Science Click here
08/07/22 Storytelling & programming for EYFS and KS1 (1.15-3.15oon) Click here
13/07/22 Supporting GCSE CS Students at Grades 1-3 Click here
14/07/22 Python Programming Constructs Click here
15/07/22 Introduction to Computer Systems, Networking & Security Click here
20/07/22 Higher Attainment in Computer Science - meeting the challenges of exams Click here
21/07/22 Python Programing - working with Data Click here
22/07/22 Introduction to Computer Systems, Networking & Security Click here

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Mr Charles Briggs (Hub Lead)

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Mr Daniel Watson (Secondary Hub Lead)

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