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Walking Talking Mocks

Director of Sixth Form, Mr Moore, has contacted all Year 13 students explaining the benefits and full details of the upcoming Walking Talking Mocks.

Last year our students were incredibly supportive of the chance to experience the atmosphere of an exam and be taken through a paper by a subject specialist.

Therefore, we are planning some 'Walking Talking Mocks' again in October to help students prepare for their assessments after half term.

These Walking Talking Mocks will have a subject specialist talking through how to answer a paper, how to organise time appropriately, as well as giving other useful tips needed for future assessments.

These will take place on the three Wednesdays in October with the times and subjects below.

Attendance is non-negotiable for all in that subject area and students should make sure they arrive on time and ready for each session.

If students have 'normal' lessons on a Wednesday, they will go to the Walking Talking Mock instead if there is a clash.

We hope that this provision enables our students to have confidence in approaching the assessments after half term.

Wednesday 5th October in N6

Period 2 - 10.10-11.50 (Break at 11.10-11.30) - Maths with TRW

Period 3 - 11.50-1.10 - Chemistry with SMB 

Wednesday 12th October in N6 (CPD timings)

Period 1 - 8.30-9.40 - Economics with CBB
Period 2 - 9.40-11.20 (Break at 10.40-11.00) - Psychology with JLN
Period 3 - 11.20-12.40 - Geography with RSW 

Period 4 - English Language with SZW

Wednesday 19th October in N6

Period 1 - 8.50-10.10 - Biology with PSB

Period 2 - 10.10-11.50 (Break at 11.10-11.30) - Applied Science with PJM

Period 3 - 11.50-1.10 - History with EMG

Period 4 - 13.40-14.50 - Physics with (TBC)

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