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Thompson Court


Mrs Shah and our students have worked closely with the local residents a Thompson Court for many years now so when we heard the news that it was closing, we were devastated but our students wanted to make one last trip to say their Goodbyes. 

Below are some of the comments we received form the staff and residents of Thompson Court as well as what it meant to the students involved.


What a lovely afternoon it was on Wednesday, the last few who are still with us really enjoyed it. The next day when I came into work the staff all said how they had all been told all about the afternoon from everyone. Ken said it was as Craig Revel Horwood would say……...ABSOLUTELY FAB-U-LOUS!!!! They were amazed at all the gifts and cards that were given to them saying they felt quite emotional when they got back to their rooms and started looking at them properly. I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU for all the kindness shown over the past years, especially through Covid when we were unable to meet up, but students still pulled together and sent gifts, cards, and afternoon tea for all of us. Miss Shah, you have worked so hard with your staff members to ensure that the people who use our service hadn’t felt ‘left out’ while away from their family and friends and this has been really appreciated by all. Thompson Court manager Janine Teasdale was so looking forward to saying her last goodbye and thank you in person after all these years but had an important meeting that she needed to attend, when Janine came into work the next day she was so pleased that we had been able to say goodbye and thank you in person, Janine spoke with everyone to hear their comments in person as she always has. Once again THANK YOU and here are their comments, when I receive the photographs, I have said I will get some printed for them and if they leave us beforehand, I will post some to them.


I thought it was excellent I really enjoyed it. We talked about my pets and where I lived as we chatted. The young ladies and gentleman told me how old they were and what they were doing at the moment at school and about their hopes for the future. The young man was so lovely, lovely smile I even told Shirley he was a very good looking young man. One student said they wanted to be a chemist, that will take some hard work, there were some interesting options that they had chosen. I left school at 15 and hated exams, I wasn’t too bad with English but hated Maths. School was so different in my day I went to Beamsley school in Bolton Abbey then to Silsden School, I would take a potato to school with me to be roasted in the oven for my dinner, I bet that wouldn’t happen today. When the students gave me presents, I was so surprised it was so thoughtful of them all to collect so many gifts for everyone, my cards were lovely, and I sat looking at them properly in my room once they had left. Most of the conversation was about me which was a surprise to think they would be interested in someone’s memories of my age. Big thank you to both staff and all students for a memerable afternoon, well done.



I thought it was lovely, shame there wasn’t more people still in Thompson Court to appreciate it. We have heard a lot about your visits over the years, the tea parties, Christmas but especially Remembrance Day which means a lot to all ages but especially this generation. I asked the students about what they do at school and their hopes for the future, I was asked about my job and told them I had been a secretary doing shorthand and typing which was an interesting job at the time. One student told me about her grandma being in a wheelchair at the moment and having physio which is helping her, and I said I hope it continues.  I would like to also say a big thank you for my wonderful gifts and card that were so unexpected and an even bigger thank you to Miss Shah who does all the organising and the teacher who accompanied her also the students who were a credit to the school. Good luck students in whatever path you take xx



I thought it was brilliant, as we were talking, I said I remembered the picture house on Oak Lane as I mentioned living there, one said her friend lives there I told her the number of the house I lived in, I went to Lilycroft primary school it brought back a lot of memories to me chatting to them. One asked about me leaving school and asked about G.C.S.E’s,  I said no I left school and went straight to work. It was nice to hear about their family, G.C.S.E’s and where they were hoping to go on to. I also asked about what subjects they like and some I had not heard off; it showed my age. I listened to them telling me about going to university and how it all depends on their exam results, I couldn’t cope with the pressure they must be under. The young man was helping Iris with a jigsaw, while chatting about her having been a lollipop lady at St Annes school in Keighley for many years. I didn’t expect what I got as a gift it was a lovely thoughtful gesture, as I am talking to Shirley just now to send my thanks, I am sat with a puzzle book in front of me eating my jelly babies 😊 as the students moved around the tables, they all asked about life, family, work, and hobbies. It was a lovely change chatting to the students, BIG THANK YOU to the teachers for organising it and the lovely flowers for Shirley to show appreciation to her, I can’t wait for the photographs to come the whole afternoon was excellent and luckily, I was still here to enjoy it. The students were a credit to their school very polite, considerate, and interactive and it was nice to hear them all saying goodbye and thank you on their way out which was lovely. 




I thought it was a very good afternoon, I like being with people, I always used to be around young children being a lollipop lady at St Annes school in Keighley for many many years. It was nice to chat about my memories. All the students were very friendly, polite, and patient whilst sat with me. They told me about their exams which sounded very important to them. Thank you to all students for my gifts and your teachers for arranging it, good luck and well done.



I do apologise to all the students that I wasn’t as sociable as I should have been, just now my mind is taken up with other things. I did enjoy the afternoon and I wish all the students the very best with all they do in the future. Thank you to the teachers for organising it and to all the students for taking the time to come and visit, it was a very kind gesture giving everyone such lovely gifts.



To Miss Shah and her helper, sorry I didn’t get her name and especially all the young ladies and young man you were all ABSOLUTELY FAB-U-LOUS!!!! The presents that were supplied were exceptional and thoroughly appreciated. Also, to Shirley who organised the event THANK YOU so much. Hopefully Miss Shah it will not be your last event, although it will be here, I’m sure Valley View at Keighley would appreciate your interaction if its not too far away. Students were exceptionally polite; it was just a shame that we were low in numbers. We had a quiz with one group and who got the answer correct asked the next question, I answered some questions 😊 The students didn’t mention a right lot about themselves it was about us which was nice between the age groups. I was politely surprised that the gifts in the bags were for men and women, my wife was amazed when she saw my bag. One student asked how old I was and the young lady at the side said 74 which was correct. I had been looking forward to the afternoon for a while and then I got a chiropody appointment which I really needed, but it was on the same afternoon at 1.00pm, I said to Shirley I didn’t want to miss you all as I have been looking forward to it, luckily, I only missed about 10 minutes. When I first came into Thompson Court my legs were in such a sorry state that no way would I have said I would come to meet you all. So, it shows how much I have progressed and almost ready for home. I wish every one of you all the best with anything you decide to do, good luck x



Lastly, it’s me I felt very emotional when I received the flowers as you could all see, I don’t usually accept gifts I get someone else to do it, usually my manager Janine who is as bad as me 😊 I was expecting the younger age group that usually come so I was surprised to see you all. Can I say I was really pleased with the interaction that I saw, and the feedback has been amazing. I have heard the conversations as they have been telling their family and friends about the lovely afternoon. I am sorry that the numbers were low but so grateful you still took the time to come to visit us. Miss Shah, you have been a credit to your students as they have been to you, we have had a wonderful interaction all these years and I am sad that it is finishing with Thompson Court as is Janine who always speaks very highly of you all. You never know we may meet up again, once again on behalf of Thompson Court Janine and myself a very BIG thank you x



EVIE M - I loved going to Thompson court care home, it was amazing to talk to the residents and learn about their lives. Going to thompson court was really a lovely experience as everyone was so incredibly friendly including the staff members and the residents themselves.  I very much hope the residents enjoyed our company as much as we did theirs and it is a very treasured memory.


LANA T - Our visit to Thompson court was very rewarding; seeing all the residents and having chats or playing games and quizzes was lovely. Giving presents made the event feel festive and celebratory – we are all wishing the residents and workers at Thompson Court a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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