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Youth Conference

On Thursday 14th March, 6 of our Anne Frank Ambassadors along with Mrs Spencer and Mr Mott, attended the annual Anne Frank Trust Youth Conference in Manchester. The Anne Frank Trust annual Youth Conference is an opportunity to gather peer educators and ambassadors from across England. Students take part in a series of workshops which educate and empower the young people taking part to challenge all forms of prejudice.
This year the theme of the conference was storytelling with the aim of students being able to tell a story of prejudice and discrimination to inspire others to be a voice against it. Students took part in three workshops. One was run by staff from the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. The second was by story teller Phil Okowedy and the third was a creative hip hop literacy session by Mr Bries. Students also attended a talk by Holocaust survivor Marianne Phillips.
At the end of the day students  shared their presentations with their peers, teachers and a panel of experts from the Anne Frank Trust. Thank you to the Anne Frank Trust for giving our students such an enriching experience. As always, the students were a credit to Bingley Grammar School! Well done.
Please see what two of our ambassadors had to say about the conference. Miss Shah
Sophie W - Y7
At the conference we met a Holocaust survivor who was 100 years old. I enjoyed taking part in the workshops with a rapper, storyteller and staff  from the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. We had to present a presentation about prejudice and discrimination using one of the methods we learnt from the workshops. My favourite part of the day was creating the presentation because it was about sexism throughout the ages, but also about women's rights activists. We created the presentation using the storyteller and rapper's techniques. 

Isabelle O - Y11

During the conference we learnt how to share Anne Frank's and other stories in sensitive and interesting ways. We had fun meeting new people and learning their stories. We learned that everyone has a story to tell but it’s only learnt because of the people who listen and share it, everyone has the right to be heard.



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