Bingley Grammar School

Send My Friend Students Meet MP Philip Davies

On Monday 16th January, our Send My Friend to School group was visited by Philip Davies MP for the Shipley constituency.

Miss Shah said,

"Thank you to Philip Davies for visiting Bingley Grammar School's Send My Friend to School Club today. Our students spoke to Philip about the current campaign 'All my friends need teachers' and presented Philip with the trees they made which he will pass on to government ministers."

Yr 12 student Finn said,

"It was a rewarding experience for me and the Send my Friend youth group to meet Philip Davies. We talked about the current campaign, ‘All My Friends Need Teachers’, in a global context: how education can be used to bolster vulnerable democracies; the importance of teachers and teaching quality for a good education; and how valuable education is to future development. We also talked about the long and short term issue of financing education, agreeing that the Government should prioritise long term planning even if that comes at a cost at the elections for politicians. Overall, it was rewarding to find common ground with Mr Davies on the problems that are discussed in the Send my Friend youth group in spite of our broader differences. We are looking forward to hearing back from Mr Davies who will be taking our campaign to Government ministers!"



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