Bingley Grammar School

Mr Beezy - No Grind, No Glory.

Today we had Mr Beezy, an international motivational speaker giving our Y11 students the reality check to help them be motivated to succeed in their exams and life in general!

He was an engaging, no nonsense speaker with the message that 'success is personal' and 'there is no tomorrow'. He showed them that every revision they do now, is less that they have to do nearer their exams, thereby reducing stress and increasing the chance of success.
Mr Beezy used a brilliant memory game and had pupils v teachers competing against each other. The Y11's went straight to their next lesson and their teacher emailed me saying, "The Y11s came into my classroom saying how much they enjoyed the assembly with Mr Beezy. They said he was relatable, motivating, funny, engaging and one said Mr Weston should employ him!'.
High praise indeed. 



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