Bingley Grammar School

Mr Atkinson's Update 13.10.23

Dear Parents/Carers

This week we had our best Well Done Wednesday so far, with over 50 students rewarded with an Early Lunch Pass for today. The range of accomplishments were vast and included:  
- The Y11 Netball team nominated by Mrs Bleasby 
- Iteoluwakishi in Y7 who was nominated by three separate teachers for her work over the past week. 
- AJ nominated by Miss Wilkinson for his work in Drama 
This really is one of the highlights of my week, as well as standing on the bus turnaround drive from 7.45 each morning greeting students. The social interactions at this time of day are excellent and help to set the tone for the day. It is also on this duty where I get to find out about many of our students' accomplishments such as: 
- A modest young man who has been selected to be on the Olympic pathway programme for cycling...well done! 
- Aseoluwa and her love of reading...every other day there is a new book...simply amazing 
- Timothy and his amazing Computer Science work...I am predicting MI5 in the future...he is saying IBM!
As said in my last update, please do share with us amazing achievements, as we always like to congratulate in school. Please share with 
Standards and Punctuality 
In my last update I made you aware of the improvements our students have made with time keeping. This time I want to thank you as parents for supporting us with uniform. However, we also realise there are times when clothes may not have dried or been left at another family member's house. If this is the case please can you either email the form tutor or provide a note for this. This helps to reduce any difficulties in the morning. We also have clean uniform we can provide on a morning next to the Y11 office. 
With regards to leggings,  these are not part of our school uniform. We ask that students wear trousers, with New Look (other shops are available) being a great place to look for trousers for all sizes. 
Safeguarding - Operation Encompass
As a school we are a part of our Operation Encompass, this is a joint initiative with West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Children's and Families Trust (previously Children's Social Care). Operation Encompass is designed to support those who are suffering from domestic abuse. All our pastoral staff have undertaken training and if you ever need to talk our door is always open. 


Safeguarding - Bonfire Night 
As we enter October there is an increase in use of fireworks in the community, West Yorkshire Police have asked us to share the attached information with you. 
Safeguarding - Mental Health Support Team 
We have the NHS Mental Health Support Team who work within school three days a week supporting the students. They also support parents and they have asked I share the attached information with you which is aimed at parents in Y7/Y8. 
Behaviour and Safeguarding - Mobile Phones
The news this week regarding mobile phones in schools was greeted with a range of emotions! We will wait for this new guidance before making any changes. Our current prodedures are:
Y7 - Y10 - Students phones are not to be on show/on between 8.30 and 2.50. Anyone who does have their phone on show will have their phone confiscated until the end of the day. For persistent misuse a parent will have to pick it up.
Y11 - Their phones can only be used at break and lunch. Anyone who does have their phone out at other times will have their phone confiscated until the end of the day. For persistent misuse a parent will have to pick it up. 
Also to add if a child is reported to have content on their phone that they should not have, the phone will be turned off/confiscated/and our schools police officer contacted so they can investigate and delete any items on there. They will then return the phone. The officer may also decide they may need to take the phone if they deem a crime has been committed. This is done to protect the children, staff and yourselves from seeing any harmful/illegal content and is guidance that we have to follow.  Please see the link below for more information regarding this:
British Values 
This term we are focusing on British Values within our weekly whole school assemblies. So far we have focused on Democracy and Rule of Law with our 200 strong student leadership team also learning about this in a recent event with guest speaker Anna Dixon, the Shipley Labour parlimentary candidate, who spoke about how laws in Britain are created. We also have other representatives coming into school through the year. 
Next Friday the form reps will be putting this into practice by collecting student voice which in turn they will put forward to our School Minsters. This is a great initiative run by Mr Riley and has already resulted in changes and events occuring over the past two years, such as: 
- The Culture/Diversity Day last June
- More toilets made available with increased staffing for this
Students have also asked for greater shelter when queuing. This has been forwarded to Bradford Council and we are currently waiting on their feedback/costing for this. This process reflects wider society and we are proud of our students for engaging in this to make postives changes here at Bingley Grammar School.  
As ever thank you for reading the update. I have one final plea which you have heard before. Please can parents/carers be considerate with parking and manoeures before and after school. Recently both students and staff have been put in danger by the behaviour of a minority of drivers. As much as Mrs Spicer, Mrs Dean, Miss Perry and I like to think we are a match for cars and getting them to move on, we would not be a match if it bumped into us or a student. We all have families to go home to and taking a little bit more care will mean we will always get there. Thank you to the vast majority who are mindful of this. 
Best wishes

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