Bingley Grammar School

Mr Atkinson's Friday Update 24.02.2023

Good afternoon all,

Firstly, I hope all students and their families had a good holiday. Secondly, it was great to see everyone back this week and speak to Y7 - Y10 about our living values, which are encapsulated within Belong, Grow, Succeed. The focus in the last half term was regarding ‘respect for all’ and ensuring we are mindful of all those around us with both our words and actions.

When I last wrote to you, I highlighted the changes in the pastoral team with each year group having their own non-teaching Head of Year. For Y8, Mrs Fountain started with us just before half term and will officially take over the year group from next Thursday, when she will have her first face-to-face assembly with the year group. Mrs Fountain has already made an impact with the year group, being a presence around the school, and ensuring the highest standards are
being asked for. Since mid-January, Miss Clough has been Head of Year Y10 and, again like Mrs Fountain, is working tirelessly in her role going above and beyond what is expected. She will shortly be joined by our new Assistant Head of Year Y10, Mr Ali. Mr Ali impressed students and staff in his interview, and we cannot wait for him to start.

Mrs Faunch has taken on extra responsibility and is now working with our ‘Young Carers’ and
our LGBTQ+ community. Mrs Faunch is already working with key students to develop new
approaches in these areas and, as ever, is working tirelessly to improve the student experience
at Bingley Grammar School.
This investment in our pastoral teams has also been recognised by SSAT (Schools Network),
where their work has been accredited with ‘transforming practice’ in well-being. In addition to
this, the school has been awarded the same for Professional Learning. The school has
therefore met the highest standards of the Framework for Exceptional Education, and the work
in these areas is amongst the most effective practice nationally. Key comments in the report
On journeying around the school there are ‘calm corridors’ and ‘calmness is contagious.
Pupils feel safe, secure and happy in a caring and supportive school and they are delighted to
inform you of the same. For such a large school there is a remarkably high degree of personalisation. Time is taken to ascertain the right approach and the resources required to address. Staff and students know
how to access support that they require. There is a coherent, consistent, embedded approach to Wellbeing across the school for all students and staff. Wellbeing is considered in all aspects of school practice and student
opinions are constantly sought. It is embedded in the School Ethos ‘Belong, Grow, Succeed.’
Strong relationships have been built. We are immensely proud of this achievement as it recognizes good school practice. We are extremely fortunate to work with outstanding students, many of whom spoke passionately to the peer review school and the moderator about life at Bingley Grammar School. Special thanks to
parents who have supported this through speaking to external visitors, and providing constructive feedback and suggestions.

Obviously we won’t get complacent. We know there is room for continual improvement in these
areas. This is an area we surveyed the students about in Term 1.2 and 2.1, the outcome of
which led to the introduction of ‘One Voice’ in the classroom and the advertisement for two
additional toilet attendants.



And finally, I would like to end with a celebration. I had the pleasure of meeting with sixty Y10
students on Wednesday who were part of our Speak Out cohort (please see separate article on
Monday for more details). It gave me immense pride to speak with these students and they
should be immensely proud of their efforts, no matter how big or small, as everyone overcame
personal thoughts and feelings to take part. I hope they all enjoyed the ability to get their fish
and chips early on Friday! Bringing our outstanding students together will be a weekly event,
with Wednesdays now being ‘Well done Wednesdays’. Each Friday, the Heads of Year will also
be celebrating with their form groups, awarding a weekly trophy to celebrate their collective
success. These aspects were again a response to student feedback, reflecting the powerful
student voice we have in the school, which I will write to you about in my next update.
Thank you for reading,
Mr Atkinson

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