Bingley Grammar School

Mr Atkinson's Friday Update 13.05.22

Good afternoon, 

It has again been an action packed two weeks since I last wrote to you and with examinations fully starting in N6 and the Sports Hall next week, things are going to get busier still.  

Over the past two weeks there have been many highlights, however, this week it was undoubtedly co-delivering the assembly with Ms Mdlongwa (Teacher of Maths) and Moeez (Y9) where we were addressing Hate Crime and Eid celebrations: 

- Firstly Ms Mdlongwa had prepared an excellent assembly building on the assembly last week with Mrs Roberts (Head of Y7 and Y8) and Mr Bridge (Head of Y10 and Y11) where they recapped information about Hate Crime and Peer to Peer abuse. This week Ms Mdlongwa took the lead talking about racism and its effects and why some people can be negative in this way and in turn what we must do as a school community and wider society to combat this....Ms Mdlongwa will be back next week with more student insights into this. 

- This was then followed by the outstanding Moeez who provided a personal insight into his Eid celebrations including the food and the new clothes, followed by giving all an insight into the prayers performed and why these were done. Moezz even shared with the whole school community a live extract of this.

- Moezz also wanted to share the following with you:  

I told years 7-10 about eid ul fitr (festival of breaking the fast) the meaning of the word Eid and the significance and importance of eating sweet foods, wearing new clothes etc (which was because it was a practice of the prophet muhammad pbuh) and recited a small bit of the eid takbeer in praise of Allah (God in arabic) and the meaning was for appreciation that we have reached another Eid.

Thanks to everyone who said nice things about the Assembly 

Hope to do another one when the next Eid assembly is (probably in around 2 months) for big Eid.

For me, it is this passion that I see on a day to day basis from our students which is why I love the job – here is another example for you.... Mabel (Yr 9) and Kya (Yr 8) have both had their photographs selected to be in the top 25 by the the University of Exeter judging panel in their 'Languages Local to You' Competition 2022. Their photos have already been in an exhibition at the Forum Building at the University of Exeter.  They are currently on display at the University of Exeter Translation Festival 2022 held at Exeter Library and they will be making their way to the Changes Summer Research Festival towards the end of June. Mabel and Kya this is an amazing accomplishment and thank you to Mrs Aguirre Bernal for setting up this opportunity for our students.

Over these past two weeks the dangers of social media have also been apparent and it is important that as parents/carers that you are mindful of what your children are looking at and taking part in when online. If you do allow the use of social media please be mindful of location services which can allow people to access your child's location. Please see the link below taking you to SnapChat and how to put in place 'Ghost Mode':

As a school we will always do our best to support you but we cannot deal with situations that happen online away from school. We ask that you, as parents and carers monitor their usage to ensure your children are safe online.  

While addressing the topic of screen time, Mrs Spicer (AHT) also wanted to share the attached with you regarding screen time and the impact this can have on wellbeing. 

Also, as a forewarning for next year we will be extending the ban on mobile phones from 8.30 - 2.50 to include Y7 - Y10. This is because we feel that students interact a lot more positively without them, as seen at break and lunchtimes where students are talking to one another rather than looking down at their screens. Y11 students will be allowed phones, however, this privilege will be taken away if they cannot use them responsibly. 

Looking ahead Mr Weston is starting his open door clinics again for any parents or carers who would like to have a chat about any school related matters concerning their children. They will be on the following dates:

- Tuesday 7th June 4pm to 5pm

- Wednesday 8th June 9:30am to 10:30am

- Wednesday 13th July 9:30am to 10:30am

- Wednesday 13th July 4pm to 5pm

If you would like to meet with him please contact his PA by email to book an appointment for one of these clinics.  These meetings can be in person, by telephone or online (a link to join would be sent on the day)

Finally, we have also been approached by The Aim Group regarding government funding for adult education courses below are some of the most popular courses on offer: 

Understanding Autism (learn how individuals process sensory information, understand characteristics, understand conditions, learn how speech, language and communication differ in people with Autism)

Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health (Understand factors which may affect Young People's mental health, the impact that they have and how to support them with these issues)

Understanding Behaviour That Challenges (supporting positive behaviour, effective communication & how to manage challenging behaviour)

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties (understand characteristics of ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia & Dyscalculia, importance of early diagnosis, assessment methods available to diagnose learning difficulties)

To find out more please follow the link below:

Finally, I would like to thank you, our parents and carers, for your continued support of the school and its students and to give our best wishes to all the students who will be completing exams over the coming weeks. 

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