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Making Memories! Spanish Trip 2023

Just before half-term Mrs Bowen, Mrs McKeown, Miss Fraser and Mr Padden took a group of Y10s and Y11s to Andalucia in southern Spain. For the students it was a perfect opportunity to practise their Spanish skills in real life!

After a bit of a bumpy flight to Malaga, and once checked into our hotel, we sampled some delicious tapas in a seafront restaurant. We then walked to the pretty harbour area and viewed the Spanish coastline from a big wheel.

On the second day the students visited a Language School, where, apart from having a Spanish lesson, they also learnt how to cook paella and dance flamenco – this was a lot of fun and everyone got involved!

On the third day we boarded the coach to take us to the historic mountain city of Granada and the Alhambra Palace (not the Bradford version!). The sun shone and we took in the magnificent gardens and Moorish architecture of this famous World Heritage Site.

The next morning was spent in Malaga. Being the birthplace of Picasso, we visited the museum dedicated to his work. It also happened to be Carnival Day and there was lots of going on in the main square – music, dancing, extravagant costumes! In the afternoon we travelled up the coast to the caves at Nerja. We marvelled at the caverns, stalagmites, stalactites and rock formations, one of which is nicknamed Pinocchio!

It was a fantastic trip, everyone enjoyed themselves and the students were absolutely brilliant. Hopefully we can go again next year!

Student reviews:

“I had loads of fun and wish I could go back.”

“An unforgettable experience.”

“An amazing time with my mates.”

“Packed with fun activities to keep us busy throughout the day, very entertaining.”

“An experience in which I felt immersed in Spanish culture and an opportunity to learn and have fun through varied activities.”

Spanish Trip 2023


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