Bingley Grammar School

How to train a dragon!

An amazing day with fantastic students , no one believed they could do this when the day began but look at those results!

The students learnt to carve cakes to create a cake pop mixture so there was zero waste which was then used to bolster the shape so even though everyone started with the same shapes no two dragons looked the same. They learnt to work with buttercream and ganache, to model, cover the cake, emboss an imprint to create scales, paint with powder colours and not forgetting the final
Airbrushing: a day that will not be forgotten quickly and one that they can take the skills home to create another cake.

With grateful thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, as it would not have been possible without them.

Dawn Butler At Dinky Doodle for the airbrushes.

Renshaws baking for the icing.
Sweet success Nottingham for the sheet cakes.

Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Wentling and Mrs Waddington, along with our other Mrs Wilkinson, had a fabulous day with year 9 and 10 and saw some impressive works of art!


How to train a dragon


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