Bingley Grammar School

Health & Social Care Promotion Day

Last week, Year 10 Health and Social care students transformed N6 into a health promotion fair as part of their coursework for the new OCR nationals course.


It was a nerve wracking experience for them to present to groups of year 9 students who visited their stalls and they collected lots of feedback to help with their final task.

The quality of their presentations was outstanding and Mrs Waddington and Mrs Wentling were very impressed with their maturity and knowledge around some high level topics as this year’s challenges were Obesity or Mental Health.

It was lovely to see every student engaged and taking their stall seriously in educating their peers on these topics. To recognise what a huge challenge both of these areas are for young people post Covid-19 and to create stalls like these at such a young age was a remarkable achievement.


Well done to all who participated today and thank you also to year 9 and their teachers for visiting and helping to make the first BGS health promotion fair a success!

Health & Social Care Promotion Day


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