Bingley Grammar School

Excellence in Food School Awards

A group of food teachers, chefs and fishmongers sit around a table smiling, at an awards ceremony

Mrs Wilkinson reports,

Last week, I had the utmost pleasure of being invited to the Excellence in Food Awards as part of the Fish Heroes programme.

Three years ago at Bingley Grammar School we helped launch the fish heroes’ initiative spearheaded by the Food Teachers Centre and Simon Gray, sponsored by Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust. 'Fish in School Hero’ aims to ensure that every child gets a chance to prepare, cook and eat fish before they leave school. The programme aims to train over 400 secondary food teachers to be confident in preparing and cooking fish with students in their classrooms. Last night we were invited as finalists to celebrate the group's success. We had great company and food, with some amazing teachers, fishmongers and other Fish Heroes, as we celebrated with a lovely dinner. It was so lovely to meet up with the @girlyfishmonger Emma McKeating, and teachers from Parkside (who have also worked with the team to improve the experience of students), to celebrate being finalists in this prestigious national award. So far our school and students have benefited from masterclass days, free deliveries of Salmon, mussels, which as I type this, we will be again receiving some high quality salmon for our students to cook with.

The Fish in School Heroes is managed by the Food Teachers Centre and their volunteer team throughout the UK. As a school, we appreciate working with the food teachers team, which links us with such highly committed and trained professional chefs/fishmongers throughout the last three years. 

It is such an honour and pleasure to work with the team improving students' experience in school and encouraging our future chefs, with an interest in seafood.  We look forward to continuing our work with the Food Teachers Centre and giving our students opportunities to cook with the best ingredients and produce.

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