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Arek and Jean Hersh Visit

Miss Shah writes; 

On Thursday 16th March we welcomed our friends, Holocaust Survivor Arek Hersh and his wife Jean back into school to give a talk to Year 7 students. Arek and Jean firstly had lunch with six Year 7 students and Year 13 student Phoebe G, who were selected for their excellent behaviour.

Assistant Head of Year 7 Charlotte Mulcock writes; 

"Six students from Year 7 were chosen this week to meet Arek and Jean due to their exemplary behaviour. The chosen students have been highlighted by staff members for always trying their best, working their hardest and being amazing students! These students have recently received "Well Done Wednesday" rewards from Mr Atkinson, "Chocolate Friday" rewards from the Year team during form time and have lots of achievement points." 

Arek and Jean then gave a talk to all students in Year 7. The students heard Arek's harrowing story and were shocked at what he went through from the age of 11 during WWII. Arek spoke about his time in Auschwitz, the death trains and how his family (81 members) were killed by the Nazis. Arek was liberated by the Russian Army in 1945 and was brought to live in the Lake District with 300 other Jewish children.

Emily and Tyler from Year 7 kindly provided the following feedback
"Arek's story was really sad but so inspiring. He survived Auschwitz and has so much confidence to give talks in schools and tell his story. " Emily

"It was inspiring to hear Arek's true story. I was excited that I was able to ask him lots of questions." Tyler

It was wonderful to have Arek and Jean back in school. It is always such an honour to hear Arek's story first hand and his and Jean's message of the importance of kindness and respect for one another. I would also like to say a huge well done to the students in Year 7 who listened so respectfully to Arek and Jean's talk. You are a credit to Bingley Grammar school. 

"I really appreciated the opportunity to meet with Arek Hersh, it was a once in a lifetime experience meeting Arek and getting to ask him about his experiences.
The strength he has to tell his story of a young boy surviving in the cruellest of circumstances is incredibly inspiring, and the message he presents of acceptance and peace between every person, regardless of any differences, is so important to tell, and will certainly have a lasting impact on me." Phoebe Goule Year 13


Arek visit 2023


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