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Anne Frank Trust Voices for Equality Workshop

During the Anne Frank Trust two day workshop, Voices for Equality, a group of students from Years 7, 9 and 10 learnt about the Holocaust from the uniquely inspiring life and work of Anne Frank using readings and video extracts from her diary. They explored contemporary and historic forms of prejudice and discrimination, reflecting on the dangers if left unchallenged.  Each student then prepared a piece of peer education to share with their school community on a form of discrimination that they would like to challenge. 

Nicky Salt from the Anne Frank Trust said: 

The pupils were exceptionally well behaved, respectful, and demonstrated understanding and vulnerabilities beyond their age. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with the pupils and staff at Bingley Grammar. We are very proud of the efforts and engagement of students during the two day workshop. You are an absolute credit to Bingley Grammar School. 

Our students found the workshop both engaging and inspiring. Here are some quotes from them;

I learnt about how much prejudice can affect someone's life and about Anne Frank's experience on discrimination. I loved the workshop and Nikki was great. Rosemary G

I learnt about Anne Frank's family and life. I also learnt about discrimination and prejudice and how it affects people. I thought the workshop was great. Olivia M

During my experience at the Anne Frank workshop I learnt about her life and her diary. The workshop is incredibly informed and I learnt a lot. You also learn about other types of discrimination such as racism, homophobia and sexism. Everyone was free to share their opinions on matters discussed. We completed a workbook throughout the two days. By doing this excellent workshop you have the opportunity to become an Anne Frank Ambassador and go on life changing trips and debate. Izzy S

During the Anne Frank workshop I learned about Anne Frank, her life, death and her diary. I learned about discrimination and how it linked to Anne as well as watching a video about what if Anne's diary was a video diary on a camera. I loved the workshop because it taught me about Anne Frank as well as knowing what are examples of discrimination and how to challenge it. As a LGBTQ+ person myself, it was amazing to know how to challenge discrimination. It was an incredible experience.

During the Anne Frank workshop I spoke to new people and learnt more about Anne Frank herself. I learnt about what led up to the Holocaust and how Anne Frank survived as long as she did during her time in hiding. I learnt more about prejudice, discrimination, racism, sexism and homophobia. The Anne Frank workshop taught me so much and  I really benefited from it and loved learning about things I didn't know before the workshop. 

I learnt a lot during the Anne Frank workshop. I learnt all about Anne Frank's story. I learnt that she fled from Germany and about the rooms where she stayed hidden by a bookcase and much more. I also learnt about different types of stereotypes and discrimination. I think that the workshop was very good because it is good to learn about what happened in the past and it brought awareness to discrimination and stereotypes. Sidra Ahmed


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