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Year 7 Computing Theme Day

On the 28th June Year 7 students enjoyed a Computing Theme day.

64 students from Year 7 were selected based on their EWL (Engagement With Learning) scores in computing lessons. We had visitors from the University of Bradford, who came in to deliver 50 minute sessions on a carousel. The sessions were delivered by final year students who came in to talk about their final year projects.

Mrs Boparai said,

"The Year 7 students were very engaged and had a lot of questions to ask, which showed their enthusiasm and interest. I was very proud of their attitude and behaviour on the day."

The topics ranged from an Introduction to Games Development, Eye Scanner, Microbots and Virtual Headsets. The students were able to learn about the different technologies and how these university students used them to create their projects.

Our students said of the event,

"I really enjoyed the computing activities especially the program for diseased eyes (Glaucoma). I found it interesting that computers can be programmed to do such things and it make me think that there are endless possibilities in coding. The Brainwave Sensor was incredible as the headset could detect your emotions. I was surprised at how effectively the software worked and it was weird to see what people were thinking even if they had no idea!" Ellie, Yr 7.

"Overall I think that the computer day was a very fun and exciting experience. I would extremely recommend doing it again." Toby, Yr 7.

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