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Year 7s Cells Homework

Mrs Waddington's Science group have produced some amazing models of cells this week.

The group have been working on a topic about cells, looking at how normal animal and plant cells could be specialised to carry out specific jobs.

They were then asked, as homework, to use their new and developing knowledge to create a model cell with a fact sheet suitable for a museum display for other Year 7s. Part of the task set was not to buy anything to make it, but to use whatever was already at home even if that was recycling!

Mrs Waddington said that by setting the task as homework it gave them time and space to let their creativity run wild and she was not disappointed saying, 

"I am extremely proud of them all - I was blown away by the amazing detail in the models they have created and their fact sheets are out of this world!"

Dara said,

"It was a really creative and fun way of learning about cells."

Joseph said,

"We also had to write a fact file so we understood what we made - it took forever for my polystyrene to dry!"

and Ilyas summed it up by saying,

"It was really fun!"

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