Bingley Grammar School


Yr 11 Art Trip to Kirkstall Abbey

Last week our Year 11 Art students took a trip to Kirkstall Abbey to focus on landscape drawing.

Mr Davenport reports:

Our Yr 11 Art students have just started a landscape project and the visit to Kirkstall Abbey was a great way for them to gather observations and source material in the form of drawings and photographs.

Students will use these studies in a couple of weeks when they will be visited by the local artist Jake Attree.  Jake will work with the students all day on developing techniques and ideas from the starting points they made at Kirkstall. 

The day went very smoothly with the weather being kind to us, we had beautiful low light that threw all sorts of interesting shadows on the ruins. Students sketched and worked around the building, responding really well and were fantastic representatives for the Art Department and the school.   

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