Bingley Grammar School

Support and Wellbeing

Growing up can sometimes be difficult and you may feel like there are questions you can't ask or advice you would like but are too scared/embarrassed to talk about.

We have put together some online resources for students and parents/carers to help tackle issues surrounding staying safe, self-harm and e-safety.

FRANK - Friendly, Confidential Drugs Advice

BLAST project



United Keighley – sign the statement 

Bradford Safegarding Children Board

ESAFETY information:

Mobile Phones

Students use mobile phones regularly throughout the day and often feel lost without them. Unfortunately young people are often targeted for their mobile phones and West Yorkshire Police is encouraging us all to take steps to protect our mobile phones, whilst warning around the consequences of associated crimes.

The police advise you to forward your IMEI to This is a national register that the police and industry have access to. It can be checked to ensure owners are reunited with their property. It can and will be used by police when searching suspects on the street to catch them with stolen phones.


There are lots of members of staff in school you can speak to if you feel the need for some help or advice:

Mr Atkinson – Assistant Headteacher - Safegurding & Behaviour

Mrs Roberts - Head of Yr 7 and Yr 8

Mrs Faunch - Yr 7 Student Support Officer

Mr Sohail - Yr 8 Student Support Officer

Mr Ward – Head of Yr 9

Mr Brown - Yr 9 Student Support Officer

Mr Martin – Head of Yr 10

Mrs Bradley - Yr 10 Student Support Officer

Mr Greening – Head of Sixth Form

Mr Bridge – Sixth Form Student Support Officer


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