Bingley Grammar School

Peer Leaders Council

We have developed a new and innovative Student Leadership structure at Bingley Grammar School to ensure that all students have a voice and that their ideas and concerns are listened to and acted upon.

The Peer Leaders Council is a self regulatory body made up of students from all year groups and all Houses. They form a link between students in their Tutor Groups and the council and ensure that all ideas are communicated. Their primary objective is to assist in the development and running of projects that will have a significant impact in the school.

There is minimal staff involvement to ensure that the groups speak openly and are not influenced by the objectives of the school. The ideas of the students are discussed at the council meetings and projects are proposed. These are then vetted by the Senior Leadership Team and approved or amended accordingly.

Other Responsibilities

Peer Leaders also have other responsibilities in school. As Leaders, they should be a positive role model for all students and display these characteristics in their behaviour, effort and general demeanour around school. They may be asked to assist in staff interviews, student voice groups, showing visitors around school and presenting to the Senior Leadership Team and Governors.

SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation

As part of the process of being a Peer Leader, students will develop skills that we feel should be recognised. All Peer Leaders will be given the opportunity to complete the SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation (Gold level). They will collect evidence to demonstrate 10 leadership competences including commitment, communication, team working and presenting.

What’s happening?

The Peer Leaders Council has presented its initial ideas (which were based on consultation with tutor groups and year groups) to the Senior Leadership Team. These are currently being refined and the final project list will be published in the next couple of weeks.

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