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GCSEpod is a digital service that provides focused learning in a unique ‘Pod’ format across 20 popular GCSE subjects, which are filtered by exam boards.

Each subject is broken down into topics and questions are answered in short concise 'Pods'.

GCSEpod is a great way to revise on the go and pods can be downloaded to phones, tablets and other devices to watch/listen to at a later time. The pods are a great way of revising core concepts and consolidating work done in class.

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Our students who have already used GCSEpod say:

"It's great - I can go at my own pace."

"Helps me - I get really bored with just reading stuff."

"Great - you can download it to use off-line for those of us who have so little data usage."

"Helps me go over stuff."

"Video clips are so much better than a book."

Here are some useful links for parents and students to engage with 'podding':

>> Why use GCSEpod?

>> Quiz your child

>> GCSEpod User manual




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