Bingley Grammar School

Anti-Bullying Schools Letter

Dear New Anti-Bullying Schools!

Thank you for coming to our Anti-Bullying Ambassador training day yesterday at Minsthorpe Community College.

It was great to meet you and your students and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did! Kieran and I really came back full of buzz after working with you all, so wanted to extend a special thanks as everyone was so involved, we are convinced anti-bullying work will really take off in your area.

If there is any further feedback you would like to provide about Kieran and I, it would be appreciated as we are always looking to update our CPD portfolios on a continuing basis.

Do make sure that you all visit our website – there are sections for young people, staff and parents too! If you liked our t-shirts, the link to order your own personalised on there will be up soon.

Below is some follow up information and I have attached some useful supporting documents for you as well.

TOP TIPS: Some things to think about now you have trained your Anti-Bullying Team:

Think ahead- before you begin, send out a survey to the school population on bullying. Use this to inform your intervention/anti-bullying work. There’s no point putting in a huge amount of time, effort and energy if you can’t measure impact, progress and see results 6-12 months later.

Be high profile- try and make sure it’s not just National Anti-Bullying Week that you mark, and rather that the team lead an event or high profile activity that engages the whole school every 3-6 weeks. Your anti-bullying team should feature prominently in the school calendar.

Record everything- think of your anti-bullying work as a journey, make sure it’s visually exciting, capture your progress, events via video and photography. You can then showcase this work to the school and community.

What next?- Think ‘Smile and Compliment days’, duties, regular meetings, re-writing/re-visiting your Anti-Bullying Policy, drop-in-sessions/lunch club/fun & games zone, assemblies and videos- whole school events/engagement, graffiti/art/music/rap/poetry etc. so that everyone feels like they are an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and have an important part to play.


  • Download our logos- for your newsletter, website & noticeboard
  • Feedback Fridays and visits– Keep in touch- schools that tell us what they are up to, we work closely with and visit. Schedule in a time to talk to a member of our team about your Anti-Bullying work on one of our Feedback Fridays sessions. We could speak to you and your team: We’re also keen to visit good work!
  • Work towards an Anti-Bullying Diana Award– you can nominate your team or individual members for a prestigious Diana Award:
  • Merchandise- To purchase wristbands for your school or order further copies of our Parents Guide, please visit our website Alternatively, for bulk orders please complete the attached Merchandise form and return to me at  For further Anti-Bullying Ambassador Badges please contact Frankie on
  • Further training– we offer bespoke training days/sessions at your school for staff, students and parents. Please get in touch with Frankie Spivey, email above to discuss specific requests.
  • Invoices- On the training day, we gave you all invoices, please ensure they are passed onto your finance department.


Thank you and do keep in touch, we want to hear exactly what you are up to!