Bingley Grammar School

Welcome to Sixth Form

IMG_6393By choosing to join our highly successful Sixth Form, your next two years are going to be exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding.

We work very hard to make sure we give you the best education that we can provide. We have a long tradition of excellent examination results with students achieving high levels of attainment and progress.

Students are respected as individuals and are encouraged to make the transition into young adulthood with increased independence. We have high expectations for all who study with us and we are passionate about providing exceptional support to help you achieve.

Belong Grow Succeed

Our Sixth Form is a community that we want everyone to be a part of, can actively contribute to, feel included in and take responsibility for.

Our shared core purposes are to ensure that we maximise student learning, student experience and student support. We believe that these purposes exist so that students can be the best they can be.

We want you to learn well, both inside and outside the classroom, gain positive experiences and feel supported during your time here and in your aspirations for the future.


01 Natalie Bennett with Yr12