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Head Girl and Boy 2020

Hi, we are Tabitha McGoldrick and Charles Kim, Head Boy and Head Girl here at Bingley Grammar School and we would like to welcome you to the Sixth Form. We hope you enjoy your time here, just like we have.

We knew we’d enjoy Sixth Form at Bingley Grammar and chose to stay because of the resources this sixth form has, as well as the diverse set of possible A-level and applied subjects. Our Sixth Form building has also been extended recently making enough room to have separate spaces for a silent study area, a more relaxed study area and a bistro for break times.

Tabitha is studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry and would like to go on to study Biology, at university when her time here is finished.

Charles is studying History, Economics and English Literature and would like to study History at university after Sixth Form.

As Head Boy and Head Girl, we hope that with the rest of the Senior Student team we can be involved in making democratic decisions about how our Sixth Form operates, how we involve the school in community activity beyond our school boundaries and develop a positive mental health message schoolwide to ensure all achieve their full potential in a safe and positive environment.

We thought you would like to read/hear about school from those whose opinions really matter – the students! So we have included a section on ‘A day in the life of a Year 12’ and ‘A day in the life of a Year 13’ to show their experiences. Plus, some tips for dealing with all that the next two years will throw at you!

We also hope you enjoy our tour of the Sixth Form!

Tabitha and Charles