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Our Sixth Form Open Evening has been rescheduled once again. It has been split into two separate events for Internal and External students in order to meet COVID safety regulations.

Internal Students - Thursday 20 January

By clicking the link below, you can reserve a 5 minute appointment with a member of the Sixth Form team/SLT.

Time slots can be booked between 4.30 and 7.30. If we cannot adequately answer your queries in that time, we will contact you to discuss your questions further in the days that follow.

Much of the reason for having Guidance Evenings is to introduce newcomers to the school environment and new staff, but as our Year 11s are thoroughly acquainted with the school, they will not be missing out. Instead, being able to ask specific questions in your time slot may prove more fruitful.

Therefore, please sign up as soon as you can, and we look forward to seeing and speaking to you online on Thursday 20th January.

(And yes - we still need to add the caveat that things could change at the last moment if there are continued COVID complications. As always, we will let you know as soon as possible if this becomes the case.)

To book an online appointment please click here>>

External Students - Thursday 27 January

We have decided to reduce the scale of the evening and run it solely for external students and parents. You will still be able to meet with staff, ask them questions and see a little of the school environment.

In order to do this, we have had to reschedule the date of the event to Thursday 27th January.

And we ask that you do the following:

  • choose one of two slots for the evening - either 5pm or 6pm - and book yourself on using the link below by the closing date of Friday 21st January.
  • when booking, highlight the three main subjects you would like to learn more about during the session
  • adhere to the arrangement that it is one student and one adult, whether parent, guardian or carer
  • wear a mask (unless exempt)

At the start of the session, there will be a short presentation by the Head of Sixth Form before you are taken to speak to our Subject Leaders. You will then have the chance to hear about the Subject Areas you are most interested in and to question Subject Leaders accordingly.

With reduced numbers, well ventilated settings and all being masked, we can offer a safe environment for you to learn about our Sixth Form and get the information you need from staff.

So, please, sign up to either session listed in the booking details - and state your three subject preferences by Friday 21st January.

We look forward to safely welcoming you on Thursday 27th January.

To book an appointment please click here>>

By choosing to join our highly successful Sixth Form, your next two years are going to be exciting, challenging and rewarding.

We want you to feel like you BELONG to our school community as role models for all Year Groups. We want you to GROW in your academic and social skills and abilities so that, ultimately, you will SUCCEED in the fields you wish to pursue, whether that be through university, through apprenticeships, or through experience in the workplace.

On our part, we promise to give you the best education that we can provide and have a long tradition of excellent examination results with our students achieving high levels of attainment and progress.

Students here are respected as individuals and are encouraged to make the transition into young adulthood with increased independence. Our expectations are high for all who study with us and we are passionate about providing exceptional support to help you achieve your goals.

Our Sixth Form is a community that we want everyone to actively contribute to, feel included in and take responsibility for. We want you to learn well, both inside and outside the classroom, gain positive experiences and feel supported during your time here and in your aspirations for the future.

The Sixth Form Team