Bingley Grammar School

Sixth Form Expectations

At Bingley Grammar School we expect:

  • Attendance of 100%*
  • Punctuality to all lessons, tutor sessions and assemblies
  • Full commitment to your programme of study
  • Prompt completion of work set, with all deadlines met
  • Adherence to the Post-16 Dress Code:
  • Appropriateness of clothing will be at the discretion of the Sixth Form Team; students arriving for school dressed inappropriately may be sent home to change.

  • Students must wear their lanyard when on the school site; this is an essential safeguarding requirement.
  • Students should dress in a manner that is suitable for a working day at school, being sensitive to our 11-18 school community and setting a good example to younger students.

We believe that all sixth form students should be independent learners, playing an active part in the life of the Sixth Form and whole school communities, and be a role model at all times.

*Absence through illness can be authorised by parents/carers contacting the school absence line (01274 807700); we may require a medical certificate for illness over 5 working days, or for persistent short absences due to illness.

School Update

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