Bingley Grammar School

Previous EPQ titles and grades obtained:

A snap shot of some of our successes to date

All candidates that entered have consistently obtained grade C or above, with our grades being ratified by the external moderator and not changed.

Although Universities will not include the EPQ in the actual grade offer, some have begun to reflect/ acknowledge it in the offer they give to students. So for example instead of a grade profile of AAB they may offer ABB with a grade B or above in the EPQ.

To what extent should religion and science be in conflict? Grade A 
To what extent is the development of renewable energy sources
able to meet the current energy demand?
 Grade B
Why do mercury and Venus have no moons? Grade A*
Development Limits and Sustainability in Formula 1 Grade B
Should the world adopt a single currency? Grade A
To what extent are medications exploited with those who have mental health illnesses? Grade A
Is it ethical to cull badgers to control TB? Grade B 
A geographical assessment of Salford QuaysGrade A 
To what extent would legalisation of euthanasia effect the medical profession Grade B
The role of biological and environmental factors in the cause of schizophrenia Grade A
Why is the South Asian population more susceptible to type 2 diabetes Grade A
Comparing the implications of multiply-resistant bacteria and diabetes to the NHS Grade A* 
How our understanding of time has changed over time Grade C
Is it worth spending so much on the war against terror? Grade A 
Analysis of the current drugs used for malaria prophylaxis and treatment:
comparison with the new Mosquirix TM vaccine
 Grade A* 
Evaluation of different strategies and regimes for Malaria management Grade A
Impact and importance of theatre on British society Grade C 
How has our view of the solar system changed and how will it develop in the future Grade A
Across the pond politics: a study into how certain socio-economic factors affect
voting behaviour in the UK as opposed to the USA
 Grade A
What is the impact for athletes that choose to take anabolic steroids to improve
their performance during competitions?
 Grade B
Safeguarding in primary schools Grade C
How far were the witch trails in the 1600s in Britain based upon misogyny? Grade A*
Is water Fluorination the solution in areas of deprivation? Grade A*