Bingley Grammar School

Sixth Form Expectations and Dress Code

Our expectations for Sixth Form Students are:

  • To develop into Independent Learners
    o Work independently
    o Be fully prepared for lessons with correct equipment and mentally alert
    o Set realistic goals
    o Work to deadlines
    o Take up opportunities given
    o Show initiative
    o Organise time efficiently
    o Develop a Growth Mind-set
  • Attend ALL Lessons and registrations
  • To be punctual
  • To follow the Post 16 Dress Code

The Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form students should dress smartly and appropriately for a working day at school. Students are expected to dress in a way that reflects a smart working environment. Sixth Form students should be sensitive to our school community and set a good example to our younger students. Dress should be suitable for learning activities and look clean and respectable on a daily basis. Identity badges MUST be worn at all times whilst on school site.


Appropriateness of clothing will be at the discretion of the Sixth Form Team. Students arriving for school dressed inappropriately will be sent home to change.

  • And finally…
    To play an active part in the life of the Sixth Form and whole school communities and to be a role model at all times.

The Sixth Form Team

Sixth Form Enrolment Arrangements

Enrolment onto Sixth Form Courses takes place on Thursday 22 August from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm in N6. Please email the Sixth Form Office if you cannot attend on this date...