Bingley Grammar School


uniforg logo square webWe believe that success is not only measured by the grades you achieve but by the skills and attributes that you gain along the way.

To support this process, we offer a broad and vibrant enrichment programme.

As part of the “contract” of joining our Sixth Form we insist that every student should utilise the opportunities available, gain wider experiences and create their own enrichment portfolio which of course will complement their academic studies.

Yr 12 NextGenLeaders Trip Oct 18 webHow it works:

We make full use of our partnership with UNIFROG to enable students to plan and record their enrichment activities under “seven-star student competencies” which are looked for by universities and employers:

• Independence   • Leadership   • Team working   • Resilience   • Analysis   • Literacy   • Numeracy

Over time students will therefore build a portfolio which will allow them to evidence the competencies gained.
We offer a broad range of enrichment opportunities as well as encouraging students to seek out their own. Current opportunities include: Paired Reading, Introduction to Sign Language, Amnesty International, Philosophy Group, Enactus, Scholars Programme, Charity Fundraising, Subject and Faculty Support, Max 7 Volunteers, Paired Maths Support, Music Groups and various Sports Clubs.

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