Bingley Grammar School


At Bingley Grammar School we pride ourselves on the success sixth form students have in terms of meaningful and aspiration "next step" career plans.

We have a great track record in helping our students access high performing Higher Education institutions. Over the last two academic years students have gone on to study for careers in Medicine, Dentistry, Science and Engineering, Business and Finance, Law, Nursing and Midwifery, Teaching or more specific subject degrees such as History, Geography, Psychology, Languages, Music and Sport to name just a few.

Our students have successfully accessed a diverse range of high performing Higher Education establishments. In particular we are proud of our success in helping students read for degrees at Russel Group universities including Oxford and Cambridge. Applications to Lancaster, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds and York are currently very popular. However we also try very hard to help match HE institutions to students.

To support our students in this complicated process a dedicated set of experienced sixth form staff and knowledgeable tutors help guide and support the students. We have "progress days" for Yr12 students with "guest" admissions tutors as well as past students sharing their experiences and offering inspiration. Also we have a Higher Education event especially for parents to help support and guide. Finally we make full use of our close partnership with UNIFROG an online support tool to enable students to perfectly tailor their course choices in light of their own career aspirations and academic performance. 

Click here to see the destinations of our students who have progressed to university or other higher education institutions this year >>

In addition, 5 students decided to take a gap year and 10 have gone directly into employment.

Below is a breakdown of our student's destinations from the past two year groups:

Destinations Yr 13 2017-18 Y13 Last 4 Years
University 129 451
Russel Group University 42 142
Top Third Higher Ed Institution - preferred DFE measure 42 146
Oxbridge 3 6
Medicine/Dentistry/Vet 2 7
College 6 13
Employment 10 33
Apprenticeship 3 6
Structured Gap Year 5 26
Other 4 34 





Year Group Launch Evenings

Our Year Group launch events begin next Wednesday with the Yr 9 event. These events give parent/carers and students an overview of the year ahead and a chance to meet your Heads of Year as well as other key staff...